Status report: not dead.

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, due to having my plate spill way over with projects and graduation (oh yeah, I am, or have been for a couple of months, professionally qualified!) and all other life stuff. Things are getting considerably less hectic in the near future.

Will be posting random advancement classes as promised here shortly, including the core classes based on:

Probably will get the Maleficar and ‘Mage out in a week’s time. Until then.


Treasure Table Update

There was a couple of sloppy errors in the table, those are fixed now. Also, the divide-by ten entries have been restructured for faster rolling that’s close enough to the original.

Link in the previous post has been updated, but here‘s a duplicate anyway.

A Challenger Appears

Feels like I should actually get this blogging thing off the ground instead of just sitting on an unused domain for one more year, so here goes.

Maybe introductions might be in order? I’m Perttu, and I’m here to talk tabletop games and stuff tangentially related to them. Mostly playing things that have been written when the Soviet Union still existed, or at least more modern re-imaginings of those.

Current active, long-running campaigns are played with OSR (Lamentations of the Flame Princess and BECMI hacked into an unrecognizable mess) and Traveller, but I try out some artsy storygames occasionally.

Expect D&D-related posts mostly. Some house rule orientation coming soon, to help you make any sense of the things I’m about to write on.